Friday, February 3, 2012

Absolutely Fabulous Bella Ink!

Two thousand eleven was a whirlwind year, and besides moving to our new location at Vintage Park (Louetta @ 249), another highlight of the year was being named Bella Ink's Shop Girl last November.

Bella Ink is one of our favorite lines, and we've carried her from the day we opened. The designs never cease to thrill us and they're always fresh and original, never imitating other invitation lines.

Being located in Texas, our number one best seller has always been "My Chihuahua."

Ain't it great? It's perfect for rehearsal dinners, anniversaries, or, as in the invite above, birthdays with that Tex-Mex flare.

Here are some of our other favorites:

We're always excited to see what Bella Ink has in store for us with each of their new releases! To read Bella Ink's Shop Girl article, click here:
Bella Ink Designs: Shop Girl Focus: Alma of That Absolutely Fabulous ...:

Friday, June 10, 2011

Have You Met The LADIES?


Both FABULOUS designers with FABULOUS taste.

And their stationery lines are now showing at That Absolutely Fabulous Paper Emporium!

VERA: Understated Elegance
Could anything be more elegant than this exquisite Thank You?

Or  KATE: Cheeky Chic
How about this Sealed With a Kiss note by Kate Spade?

Two vastly different designers yet both so fabulous! But how can this be? It's all in their FAB-U-locity, dah-ling!

To see more from these two fabulous desingers now showing at TAFPE keep scrolling . . .


And don't get us started on our new Vera Wang Personalized Wedding Album . . .

Yes, as we've mentioned before, FABULOUS comes in so many different colors!
Vera Wang stationery, Kate Spade stationery

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

They're BACK!

The delay is over! They're finally here!

We did all we could to keep these beautiful baubles in stock during Christmas, but try as we could, we just couldn't keep them from running out the door!! Now, for the first time this year - what, with our move to our new location and all - we've brought them back in. And this year's Bauble LuLu Collection is bigger and more beautiful than ever!

With rices ranging from $6.99 to the new Rock Star beads at $18.99  not only do these beads fit all the popular size bracelets - Pandora, Chamilia, Troll - but they also are affordable for everyone! As a matter of fact, the beads are most popular with owners of the more expensive bead bracelets, as one can fill their bracelet at a fraction of the cost! And they do!

So how are these gorgeous beads so affordable, when Bauble LuLu's glass beads are hand blown and have solid, one piece cores? They are Rhodium plated. Unlike silver, Rhodium never tarnishes or loses its shine. And it costs a fraction of the price!

With over 1,000 beads available, Bauble LuLu is sure to have a selection that will reflect your personality and style! 

What will your bracelet look like?

Would you like to see more?

Friday, September 3, 2010

FABULOUS! Comes In So Many Colors!

Today, FABULOUS! comes colored in vintage

Can you believe these Fabulous! Save The Dates?

We recently screen printed these vintage handkerchiefs for one of our young brides -- though we can't take credit for this fab! idea. Our young bride had collected over 150 handkerchiefs and asked us to print her Save The Date on them. They came out just spectacular!

Just imagine what her guests felt when they received one of these keepsakes in the mail!

And in keeping with the vintage theme, we recently began carrying a Fabulous! line of one-of-a-kind jewelry made with authentic vintage pieces. This was our first venture into jewelry and so far it's been very successful and well received.

Because these pieces are one-of-a-kind, once they are gone, they can't be reproduced. We're looking forward to receiving a new shipment in the store soon. Only the necklace above is still available.

Just FAB!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Save That Date!

"Do you have Save the Dates?"

Seems we've been asked that question a lot lately. Our answer is always, "Absolutely!" but then we ask, "Do you mean Save the Date magnets?" Which of course, we have, too.

What we generally find is that, though a bride and groom know they may need them, they aren't really sure what Save the Dates look like. So my question to our Bloga-Dears is, "Do you know what a Save the Date looks like?" And then, for that matter, "Do you know what an invitation looks like?"

Invitations come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they come in boxes or sometimes in bottles with sand and seashells in them. But we still know they are invitations. Why? Because they invite us to something.

And so with the Save the Date. It may be in a bottle or wrapped around a candy bar, or glued to a magnet, or even on just a cute piece of paper. But they all have one thing in common - a date. And date that should be set apart so your guests won't miss out on the wonderful event that's about to take place sometime in the future.

Therefore, a Save the Date is not about what it is printed on, or written on, or even how it arrives, but it's about what it does - and that is, that it announces your date so that it can be set apart for your special day.

In a nutshell, a Save the Date should have the following information:
1) The date to be saved, usually preceded by the phrase, "Save the Date!"
2) For who the date is to be saved (bride & groom, business name, family name, etc.)
3) For what the date is to be saved (wedding, corporate event, family reunion, etc.)
4) And where the event will take place (city, state, or country even)
Also, the phrase "Invitation to follow," or one similar, is usually included at the end.


Not all events require a Save the Date. When consulting with brides, we explain that the Save the Date is sent out in advance as a courtesy to out of town relatives or friends who will have to make plans well ahead of time to travel to attend the event. It is also used for destination weddings, allowing time for travel planning for those wishing to attend the wedding.

When asked how much earlier the Save the Dates should be sent out, our answer is, "However much lead time your guests need to make their plans." Some guests will need more time than others, and a bride will know her guest list best. The traditional time frame is six months to one year. You will want to take into consideration whether the majority of your guests will be traveling from long distances to attend or will be joining you at your destination wedding.

Likewise, guests traveling a short distance will not need to make special arrangements for an overnight stay, and therefore the traditional time frame of 8 to 6 weeks will be suitable for in town guests. The key to remember is that your Save the Date is a courtesy to your guests, allowing them time to plan ahead to be with you.

Many of your guests will have made plans far in advance to celebrate with you on this blessed day, so remember to take time out and celebrate with them.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I know Oprah was referring to products like these when she came up with her catch phrase, "FAAAB-ULOUS!

And that's what we chanted when we discovered pop-up photo albums by Geoffengel Workshop! Every page opens to reveal a Fabulous! three dimensional sculpture, some of them even with motion.

And not only that, each frame holds a 4 x6 photo and opens to reveal a mini pop-up with another frame below!

The snowflakes above serve as mini frames.

So what's your take? Fabulous?

The Christmas Pop-up Photo Album retails for $70.00.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fun Classes, Great Cards!

The ladies from our first,

and second, Christmas Card class with LuzE, with some of their beautiful creations.

Some of the fab cards they made.

It was Fabulous! hosting you all, ladies! We're so glad you enjoyed your classes.  Thank you, LuzE for your wonderful designs!